LU showcases entrepreneurship at Young Business Expo

By Kaden Quinn

Gwen’s Dollhouse CEO and LU journalism student Tailer Bevly with some of her company’s products. (photo by Kaden Quinn)

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – On Saturday, March 23, students highlighted their skills as entrepreneurs at the Young Business Expo held in Jason Gym. Both students and alumni attended the event, selling their goods and services and testing their mettle as business owners.

The range of products included clothing, cosmetics, and personal training. The students are serious enough about their products to include unique logos and business cards.

,Whether attending school or already graduated, the entrepreneurs are motivated and ready for the professional marketplace. Not just in the goods they provide, but in bringing a positive message to the world at large. Exhibiting his “New True” clothing line, entrepreneur Brandon Hunter hopes to promote a positive image of self-love for his customers.

“There’s two parts to my business,” Hunter said. “There’s ‘New True’ media and “New True” clothing. The clothing is based on self-love, letting yourself know you’re important, and being true to yourself.” That is what Hunter believes his clothing line is all about – being a new you everyday by learning from past mistakes and being true to who you are.

While others agree with Hunter, some have decided to take a more introspective approach. Professionally known as Renzo Scorsaize, the former Lincoln student set out to creating a clothing line with his brand GUDPPL (good people). After graduation, Scorsaize decided to invest his time into fashion – something he’s always felt passionate about.

Other entrepreneurs at the expo brought their own touches to their businesses. With many already dedicated to beauty services, it was important for each to find their voice. Tailer Bevly spotlighted Gwen’s Dollhouse, a boutique selling clothing and accessories and named in honor of her grandmother, who passed away during Christmas. According to Bevly, it was her grandmother that inspired her to never give up and to always pursue her dreams.

Ultimately the expo was an exercise in what young people could do to contribute to the market in both commerce and positivity. “Get addicted to bettering yourself,” says the expo’s personal trainer Kat Langley. With that in mind, each entrepreneur made sure that they brought their offerings were both inspiring and practical.

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