Lincoln Marching Band performs at delayed parade

By Jerunek Morris

Drum Major James Ottis Woodruff with the Marching Musical Storm Blue Flame Dance Team Sept 7, 2019. (photo by Jerunek Morris)

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – Lincoln University’s Marching Musical Storm participated in Jefferson City’s Labor Day Parade Sept. 7, 2019 at 11 a.m. This is the first big performance for the Marching Musical Storm this year, and they sound ready for the opening LU football game. It’s been two years since the Marching Musical Storm has participated in the Labor Day parade. By their upbeat energy and cultural sound, it was no secret that the crowd had missed them. This is only the beginning to the Storm’s season, and The Clarion is looking forward to covering more of it’s upcoming events.

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Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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