LU Fall Convocation held in Richardson Auditorium

Article and photo by Kelsey Bias

President of the LU Board of Curators Frank Logan Sr.; LU President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk; LU Provost Dr. Alphonso Sanders; Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Bryan Salmons; and LU SGA President Jordan Smith at the LU Convocation event held in Richardson Auditorium. Sept. 12, 2019. (Photo by Kelsey Bias)

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- The 2019-2020 Opening Convocation was held Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019 at Mitchell Auditorium. This year’s focus for the school year is three words: Inspiration, Innovation, and Transformation. The event started with the posting of the colors presented by the ROTC Color Guard followed by the National Anthem performed by the LU band.

SGA President Jordan Smith began the ceremony discussing how everyone is here for a reason. He talked about how we are all powerful and that we as students and future leaders should use that power to impact the world and that we need each other to help build the community up. Smith noted what he called the five F’s that he believes would inspire, innovate, and transform us all: Focus, Finish, Follow through, Follow up, and Faith.

Lincoln University Board of Curators President Frank Logan Sr. welcomed the convocation crowd. He said we should find inspiration everywhere, be an innovator, and look at how we transform.

Lincoln University President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk said students should imagine their time at Lincoln as a car. Buckle down into class schedules. Check and recheck with financial aid and student accounts. Shop for apparel and all things necessary to begin the journey. Begin the journey going to class and learning every day. Stop every now and then at events and games. Keep going until you reach your destination. She believes that if we see our time at Lincoln as a car, we can see inspiration, be innovated, and transform and see the difference we have made from day one to the day we step on stage at graduation.

LU Provost Dr. Alphonso Sanders began closing remarks at the convocation. He encouraged students to seek his help. Sanders said he is dedicated to academics and like all of the faculty and staff, wants to see success in everyone. He noted that all of us at Lincoln inspires, innovates, and transforms this historic institute each and every day.

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