President Meets With Sophomores

By Jerunek Morris

LU President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk Speaking to LU sophomores in the SUC Ballroom. Oct. 2, 2019.(Photos by Jerunek Morris)

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – LU President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk is trying to gather the concerns of Lincoln University students sooner rather than later. Woolfolk met with freshman the day before discussing their concerns about Dawson Hall and other issues. In her sophomore meeting she had more issues to deal with.

Student’s had complaints concerning the laundry situation in Bennett Hall and Martin halls One student asked, “Why is there only four washers and three dryers for a building that holds more than 80 people?” Woolfolk listened to the students and expressed her concern, but also let them know that the university has many items to focus on.

One student was furious with the situation of financial aid not being to send out refund checks until after homecoming, due to a malfunction/error in the financial aid department.

The key topic of the meeting was Sodexo food services in LU’s cafe. The president pointed out that the food service company is providing quality products. “I believe that Sodexo offers great service with plenty of food choices, with it being healthy, and delicious at the same time,” said Woolfolk.

The president plans to hold more meetings with students throughout the school year.

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