President and staff address concerns in town hall

By Isis McCully

LU President Jerald Jones Woolfolk speaking Thursday evening at the townhall meeting held in the SUC Ballroom. Oct. 24, 2019. (Photo by Jasmine Ray)

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- Faculty staff and students held a town hall meeting Thursday evening in SUC Ballroom.

The meeting was for students to ask questions and give input on how to make the university better. One student complained about the front door in Sherman Hall card swipe not working. Within 15 minutes, during the meeting the president was told the door was fixed.

Students were pleased that action was being done. The concerns were really about about homecoming and the chaos that happened outside Jason Gym on Oct. 19,2019. LUPD made it be known that next year they would do their best that students get in and get to enjoy homecoming instead of non-students.

President Dr. Jerald Woolfolk understand how students felt about the cafe food and how Sodexo doesn’t provide a variety of options for vegan students. “You guys might think just because I’m the president they fix my food right,” Woolfolk said “I’m tell you now that’s not the case”

In the meeting students felt like they were being heard and staff were listening. The staff just want students to feel comfortable while their attending Lincoln University.

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