LU Journalism History Course Receives “B” Rating from AJHA

Lincoln rated higher than Nebraska, Morehouse, Rutgers, and many others

By Clarion News staff

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – The American Journalism Historian Association has awarded LU’s journalism program a “B” rating for its efforts at teaching media history, landing the HBCU in the top half of responding colleges.

More than 200 universities were surveyed and graded on course offerings, frequency of offerings, and percentage of students taking a media history course. Lincoln’s spring course, History of Journalism (JOU 203), is a requirement for print journalism students and an elective for broadcast students. About 90 percent of LU journalism students take the course.

“The history class is one of my favorite courses to teach and one of the most important,” said LU assistant professor of journalism Will Sites. “It helps us to understand the role journalism has played in shaping our country and it also provides professional guidance and standards of behavior.”

LU assistant professor of journalism Will Sites teaching history of journalism (JOU 203) at Lincoln University. (Clarion News photo)

Lincoln shares the “B” rating with many well-known schools, including Ohio, BYU, Nevada-Reno, Penn State, LSU, Michigan, Wisconsin-Madison, and Alabama. Some of the schools scoring lower than LU include Auburn, Morehouse, Rutgers, Western Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina A&T, Nebraska, and Westminster.

“Journalism’s past can be a great guide to understanding its present state,” Sites said. “And let’s not forget that Missouri is home to some famous people in journalism, including Mark Twain, Joseph Pulitzer, and Lucile Bluford.”

The American Journalism Historian Association was founded in 1981 to advance education and research in mass communication history. It believes that a meaningful education must include the study of journalism history and that teaching history provides civic, intellectual, and moral value.

(Lincoln University was the first HBCU to offer journalism and The Clarion News is the oldest HBCU campus newspaper in the U.S.)

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