State parks to have new marijuana rules

(source: Creative Commons)

By Clarion News staff

JEFFERSON CITY – Medical marijuana card-holders will be safe bringing weed into state parks and historic sites under new plans being developed by the Division of State Parks. But lighting-up will remain illegal.

According to a recent news release, the new policies being issued in the spring of 2020 will attempt to align with new medical marijuana laws passed by voters last year. Missouri has already issued more than 20,000 medical marijuana cards, which allows carriers to possess the drug without fear of arrest. However, smoking it is another story.

Similar to laws passed in Colorado and other states, possession of pot (with a card) is OK, but smoking in public is often prohibited. It remains unclear what the term “public” means. For instance, will a Missouri state park visitor be allowed to smoke in a camping trailer or recreational vehicle?

In 2018, about 170 state park visitors were arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Under the proposed new rules, card-carrying visitors will not be arrested for possession of pot, but may be subject to arrest if caught smoking it.

Missouri has 91 state parks and historic sites.

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