Academy Awards no TV match against Super Bowl

By Clarion Staff

TV viewership of the Super Bowl (in black) versus the Academy Awards (in gold color) from 1975 to 2020. (Courtesy Creative Commons)

The Kansas City Chiefs beat more than just the San Francisco 49ers during this year’s Super Bowl. They beat Oscar and all the Hollywood cinema elite. Easily. In fact, since 1975, the Academy Awards has been losing TV viewership at a steady clip. The Super Bowl has not only remained king of single-episode viewership across the terrestrial TV landscape – it is increasingly dominating it.

The 2020 Chiefs v. 49ers match on Fox garnered about 100 million viewers. The Academy Awards captured less than one-fourth of the audience snagged by America’s favorite sporting event. The best baseball World Series game gets 40 million. Nothing – absolutely nothing – comes close to Super Bowl viewership.

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