Black History Month: Beyonce’s Homecoming and HBCUs

Dr. Mick Brewer hosts a lecture in MLK 106 as part of LU’s recognition of Black History Month. Feb. 17, 2020. (photo by Will Sites)

By Keishera Lately

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – On Monday Feb. 17, 2020 Dr. Mick Brewer hosted a Black History Month lecture, “Beyonce’s Homecoming and HBCUs: Embracing the past to chart the future of black feminism” in MLK 106. The talk was one of many lectures occurring on the campus during the university’s recognition of Black History Month.

Brewer, who teaches speech and communications at LU, discussed Beyonce and how she’s a good choice for the topic because the manner in which she has expressed her position in standing for feminism. The professor also noted how she has embraced the HBCU culture in a recent Netflix production, “Homecoming.”

Students and faculty at Dr. Mick Brewer’s Black History Month lecture. Feb. 17, 2020. (photo by Will Sites)

The lecture began with Brewer noting the he might appear to be “the elephant in the room” as a white professor at an HBCU talking about black feminism. “What can a white man tell us about black women feminism?” asked Brewer rhetorically. Plenty, as the professor’s interesting 50-minute talk would prove.

He told the students and fellow professors in attendance that his interest in women and women’s issues dates back to his early childhood years. Brewer said that topics relevant to HBCU’s are important, including the history of the nation’s HBCU’s and specifically Lincoln University’s past. He said that we should appreciate the notable alumni who have graduated from LU and the significance of homecoming.

For more information about Black History Month events on campus, click here.

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