Lincoln University COVID-19 Regulations Update

LU’s Page Library. (Photo by Jaida Gray/Clarion News)

By Elise Eaker, Clarion News reporter

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- LU President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk on Tuesday (Sept. 1, 2020) released a letter via email to students regarding new COVID-19 regulations and social gatherings. Woolfolk released the letter in addition to COVID-19 regulations outlined Aug. 27 by Dr. Marcus Chanay, vice president of student affairs.

Chanay’s mask policy (via email) stated:

“The mask must be worn in all hallways, public spaces, common areas, office spaces where multiple people are present if social distancing of six feet is not possible. The terms ‘public spaces’ and ‘common areas’ include classrooms public restrooms, elevators, stairwells, and workspaces. Masks are required outdoors if safe social distancing and gathering practices are not possible.”  

Chanay also outlined repercussions for not adhering to mask policies and social distancing guidelines.

Disciplinary actions include:

-Placed on interim suspension and denied access to campus
-Students may also be removed from all classes except for online
-Removal from on-campus housing
-Placed on disciplinary probation – which could result in the loss of certain privileges
-Lose registered student organization status
-Denied the opportunity to request university event or program space
-Lose student government association funding, and or programming funds
-For national Pan-Hellenic Organizations and other Greek organizations regional and national offices will be notified.

In Woolfolk’s email to students, she reiterated the importance of following COVID precautionary measures.

“The way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 requires we all take responsibility for protecting ourselves and others around us. Wearing a mask/face covering, practicing social distancing, washing or sanitizing your hands, and staying home if you are not feeling well, and not attending large gatherings are all ways to keep from spreading germs. Good choices are not always the fun choices, but they are particularly vital to not only your health, but to your status as a student at Lincoln University.”

Woolfolk states that even though there are no local guidelines for large gatherings, Blue Tigers will be met with disciplinary actions for attending large gatherings or creating unnecessary risks to the campus community.

 “While there is no local ordinance on large gatherings, the risk to you and your fellow Blue Tigers is too great to warrant your participation. Choose wisely in how you spend your free times because behavior that creates a public health risk on our campus, regardless of where that behavior takes place, can also result in sanctions, such as suspension, from the university.”   

Lincoln started reporting COVID-19 cases on August 31, 2020. As of Sept. 3, 2020 the university is currently reporting three positive cases and seven people in quarantine. The page is updated daily at 3 p.m. and can be found at

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