Basketball Q&A with Joseline Ramos

The transfer guard averaged 9.4 ppg at Florida State-Jacksonville

Senior reporter Raphael Green with LU basketball guard Joseline Ramos. Sept. 21, 2020.

By Raphael Green/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – Although the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped or delayed collegiate sports nationwide, the Lady Blue Tigers basketball team remains busy preparing for the upcoming season. The Clarion will be visiting with athletes during the school year, beginning with Joseline Ramos, a junior transfer guard from Orlando, Fla. Ramos, a criminal justice major, was a stand-out player at Florida State-Jacksonville, where she led the Blue Wave with 9.4 points per game.

The Clarion: what’s your thoughts on the upcoming basketball season ?

Ramos: I feel confident about the team we have. I don’t really know when the season will start, but we have a lot of new faces and a really good squad.

The Clarion: If you have to play without fans, how will it affect the game?

Ramos: I think without fans it will just be basketball (and) we wouldn’t be worried about what the fans have going on in the stands – we would be a lot more locked in. It will feel different, but we will be OK.

The Clarion: Who is your favorite WNBA player ?

Ramos: Maya Moore.

The Clarion: So far, what is your career high in points?

Ramos: The most points I ever scored was in high school and that was 40.

The Clarion: What’s your favorite go-to snack as an athlete ?

Ramos: It would be strawberries and Nutella.

The Clarion: what is your go-to college meal ?

Ramos: Pizza rolls because they are quick.

The Clarion: What’s your favorite artist or song to listen to on game day?

Ramos: Drake or Lil Baby. If not music, I would just play WNBA highlights before the game.

The Clarion: There’s a lot of embarrassing moments in sports. What is the most embarrassing moment you have experienced in basketball?

Ramos: I tipped a ball that led to a steal and I started back-peddling and fell.

The Clarion: Thank you so much and good luck on the season!

(See the schedule here)

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