Don’t Mask Your Personality, Wear It!

By Mar’Che Boggess

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – With the continuing impact of COVID-19, many states have enforced a mask mandate in an attempt to decrease the spread of the virus. While some have chosen to sport a more generic mask, others have decided to wear ones with elaborate designs reflecting their personalities. I recently did a class project exploring how my peers are choosing to make the most of the mask mandate. Here are a few examples of what I found:

LaDarrell Toney, a computer science major from Kansas City, Mo., enjoys wearing his mask because of how unique and random it is. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Nicolle Singh, a political science major from O’Fallon, Mo., enjoys wearing her mask because it matches her outfit. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Jermarcus Perkins, a wellness major from St. Louis, Mo., wears this mask around campus because he wants people to know that he stands for Black lives. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Andrew Knight, a criminal justice major from Georgia, chose this mask because it’s all he has. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Hannah Grogan, an agriculture science major from Jonesboro, Ark., wears this mask because it showcases her love for dogs. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Sarah Feisel, a Jefferson City native, enjoys wearing this mask because of how pretty the flowers are.
Asha Faison, an LU alumni from Topeka, wears this mask to encourage those around her to stay safe. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Elise Eaker, a journalism major from Fulton, Mo., sports her mask to make a statement in spite of the racial tension in our country. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Kim Curtis, a criminal justice major, from Columbia, Mo., loves wearing her mask because she likes the colors. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)
Allen Bradley, a computer information systems major from Georgia, likes wearing his mask because it was gifted to him by his grandmother. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)

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