President Hosts Student Town Hall

LU President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk (center) takes questions during a town hall held Thursday in Richardson Auditorium. March 25, 2021. (Photo by Amoni Lewis/Clarion News)

By Amoni Lewis/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk hosted a student town hall on Thursday evening in Richardson Auditorium. Students were able to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the university. Faculty and staff were in attendance to answer questions. Some of the topics of concern included the following:

Student: In regards to Dawson Hall, will it reopen and what is going to be the process for that?

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Marcus Chanay: We’re going to be doing a lot of work in Dawson. We have put together a plan to get Dawson back to where it needs to be – this summer Dawson will be open.

Student: Are there any storage places on or near campus for international students?

Director of Residential Life and Housing Brian Bennett: Storage space on campus is limited because we have a lot of students that have left items. We want to give them the opportunity to come back and get those things so we don’t have to get rid of them.

Student: Regarding housing, are the janitors supposed to clean our bathrooms every day?

Bennett: Yes, they are supposed to be cleaned every day. If they are not, let us know.

Student: Why are some students receiving 10 hours of community service and others are suspended from the university?

Dean of Students Dr. Miron Billingsley: We have a student conduct committee in place. One of the things that Dr. Woolfolk emphasized to us is listening to the students. Three things she does not tolerate are distribution of drugs on campus, sexual assaults, and weapons. We try to work with the students and get them community service.

Student: Why is there only one student on the Student Conduct Committee? Why isn’t there a separate committee with only students?

Woolfolk: That’s just not the way it works in higher education, at Lincoln, and anywhere else that I’ve worked. That is a violation of our rules and regulations here at Lincoln University.

Student: When are graduating seniors going to receive information about the number of tickets for graduation?

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Alphonso Sanders: That conversation was held today to get information out to everybody. Rather than me tell you the exact number, I’ll just let the information come out.

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