LU Artist Spotlight: Phil Jones

Phil Jones stands next to his sculptures inside Page Library. March 30, 2021. (Photo by Mar’Che Boggess)

By: Mar’Che Boggess

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- If you’ve spent any amount of time in Page Library, you’ve probably come across artwork by Phil Jones, a 1997 graduate of Lincoln University. His sculptures of people connected to LU history can be found throughout the building – including Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr. Jones recently spoke with the Clarion News about his artistic work.

The Clarion: When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

Jones: I’ve always done art as long as I can remember. I can’t remember a time I when I wasn’t making art

The Clarion: What led you to LU?

Jones: I’m a third-generation alumni. My grandfather was the first person in our family to go to college. My mother went to college here as well. I majored in computer science and history.

The Clarion: LU has a rich history. In what way is your work able to capture that history?

Jones: I have been blessed to be used by Mark Schleer, the university archivist. When he needs pieces for something, I do it. I just like to give back.

The Clarion: Do you remember the moment when you first saw your work in Page Library? How did you feel?

Jones: I felt very proud to have work here.

The Clarion: What is your creative process when it comes to sculpting?

Jones: First, I try to find the best reference photo. I feel like I can do the details of the subject a lot more justice if I have more photos to draw from. Then, I sit down and put it on an armature. 

The Clarion: What’s your favorite piece that you’ve sculpted to date?

Jones: I think Abraham Lincoln is my favorite. To me, he looks like he could just blink his eyes at you and start talking to you. 

The Clarion: Do you have any advice for LU art students interested in sculpting?

Jones: Don’t ever stop. When you fail you learn a lesson. Take that lesson, forget the frustration, and just keep doing it.

The Clarion: What’s one sculpture that you’d love to see in the archives department one day?

Jones: I honestly don’t know. Anything the archives department asks of me.

The Clarion: Aside from sculpting, do you have any other creative hobbies?

Jones: I play guitar, I started playing in 1967. I teach high school and middle school art. I teach at Trinity Lutheran and Calvary Lutheran. I paint and write as well. I have a novel here in the library called “Manopoly: The Persian Affair.” I’m also working on a textbook about sculpting. 

The Clarion: What legacy do you want your art to leave on the LU’s campus?

Jones: One of these days my grandkids, my great grandkids, and my great-great grandkids will be able to walk in here and touch something I made with my hands. They’ll be able to say, “My grandpa did that.”

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1 Response to LU Artist Spotlight: Phil Jones

  1. I M Bryant says:

    It’s March 2022 and I’m just reading this. I was here when Mar’Che did the interview. Phil Jones was his Own Man and LOVED Lincoln University. We are honored to have seven of his works here. I was saddened by his passing because we wanted him to do Dr. James Frank as well. RIP Mr. Jones.


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