View from the track

Kimone Campbell and Chrissani May

By Phillip Spencer and Kourtney Burchfield

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- The first outdoor track meet originally scheduled for Saturday, April 10 was postponed to the next day. Opening the season, The Clarion decided to ask a few track student-athletes about the 2021 season.

The Clarion: How many meets do you have this season?

Aliyah George: Outdoor 10 and indoor about eight.

The Clarion: How did COVID-19 affect your training for this season?

Aliyah George: Honestly, I feel like I could’ve had a better opportunity especially for outdoor because they only took the top 10. COVID messed everything up, but you just have to take it day-by-day.

Colby Jennings Jr.: It was really, really, really kind of spaced-out. Our teammates had to be in groups of three. It’s hard.

Chrissani May: Well, it was quite a setback, but where are getting there. We are training hard each day to go and perform.

Aliyah George

The Clarion: Do you feel confident about this season?

Aliyah George: I’m coming back. I feel like it could be better, but you just have to be patient and trust the process.

Colby Jennings Jr.: Well, since last meet I think I ran about three races. I’m a bit tired right now, but after this week I think we have conference coming up. I’m feeling good that I have enough time to rest.

Chrissani May: We feel pretty good. We’re training really hard to run our PB because that’s the aim to run track and field.

Colby Jennings Jr.

The Clarion: Are you confident in going to the finals?

Aliyah George: Yes, I am. I always make the top four at every meet so, that kind of motivates me and make me work harder.

Colby Jennings Jr.: I’m super-confident.

Kimone Cambell and Chrissani May: Yes, we are.

The Clarion: Because you are not from America, explain how training is different here.

Colby Jennings Jr.: I’m from Boston, but I was born in Turks and Caicos. It’s a huge difference because where I’m from we don’t have the facilities like here. It’s still hard because whenever we get hurt, it kind of backfires on us; we have to lookout for ourselves. We go to trainers, but they most likely recommend us to different physical therapist in this state. That’s one huge problem we have for the LU track team. We need more physical therapists.

Chrissani May: We (including teammate Kimone Campbell)  are from Jamaica. The climate is different from where we come from. We have a lot of support, which we don’t find here as much, but we are trying to cope with it.

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