Meet LU’s New Registrar

Blaine Bredeman grew up in nearby Fulton, Mo.

Blaine Bredeman is Lincoln University’s registrar, shown here among the thousands of files he supervises. Oct. 22, 2021. (Photo by Tyree Stovall/Clarion News)

By Tyree Stovall/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – The campus is waiting on the selection of a new president, provost, and other positions. But one key administrator is already serving the students of Blue Tiger Nation. The Clarion recently interviewed Blaine Bredeman, Lincoln’s new registrar.
The Clarion: Where are you from?

Bredeman: I’m from Central Missouri, the Fulton area which is about half-an-hour from Jefferson City.

The Clarion: Where did you go to college and what degree did you obtain?

Bredeman: I went to Missouri State in Springfield and bachelor of science in communications with an emphasis in public relations.

The Clarion: What were you doing before you came to Lincoln University?

Bredeman: Before I came to Lincoln I was also in a registrar’s office. I spent about 10 years at Columbia College doing very similar work, but a lot more focus on the technology that runs the college halls and facilities.

The Clarion: What are the duties of a registrar?

Bredeman: The registrar’s primary job is being the record keeper of the school’s academic records. As the name implies, registration is anything that has to do with the classes that you take and any permanent record of your transcripts and degrees that you completed.

The Clarion: What brought you to Lincoln?

Bredeman: Since I’ve lived in Central Missouri for a number of years, I’ve known and been familiar with Lincoln. I’ve worked and been involved with professional organizations that have gotten me to know people who’ve worked here at this university, and when the previous registrar was leaving she contacted me and asked whether I’d be interested in taking her place.

The Clarion: How do you increase the relationship between the registrar and the students?

Bredeman: I think the primary thing is being here for the students and to serve the students, making sure we are being responsive to the students’ needs all the time. Beyond that, just being proactive when communicating with the students, letting them know what are some expectations of them and the limitations of what they’re allowed to do, because students often get caught off guard when unexpected things happen or take place.

The Clarion: What is your favorite part about being a registrar?

Bredeman: I actually really like working with the other schools. One of the main things a registrar does is work with transfer credit that goes from our school to others and other schools to ours. I get to work with a lot of people at other schools around the state and around the country.

The Clarion: How has your experience been here at Lincoln?

Bredeman: The first couple of weeks and months that I was here was very hectic because I happened to get here when the president was leaving the university and a lot of other positions were leaving. But it has been a really positive experience. People are working hard to try to make things better around the university.

(Tyree Stovall is a journalism student from Omaha, Neb.)

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