Faculty Spotlight: Terrance Brown

LU Royal Court advisor Terrance Brown in his SUC office. Nov. 3, 2021. (Photo by Tyree Stovall)

By Tyree Stovall/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- The 2021-2022 Mister and Miss Lincoln were recently crowned during the fall semester. The Clarion News sat down with Royal Court advisor Terrance Brown to learn more about his position and the path that brought him back to Lincoln University.

The Clarion: Where are you from? 

Brown: I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri.

The Clarion: Why did you come to Lincoln?

Brown: I came to Lincoln by mistake. I actually applied to Lincoln University of Pennsylvania then applied to Lincoln University of Missouri. Then I realized there were two Lincolns. Me and my guidance counselor went back and reapplied for Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, my mother told me I couldn’t go to Pennsylvania for school, being that Missouri is a two hour drive and Pennsylvania is fifteen hours. The second time as a professional, my mentee started working here as an assistant director and he hired me.

The Clarion: What degree did you obtain while attending college? Why?

Brown: Liberal studies degree with an emphasis in journalism, and computer science and economics. I started off as an elementary education major, and was taking elementary education classes and working with kids at the local Boys & Girls Club. I learned that actually teaching younger kids is not my passion, but helping them develop in life is. 

The Clarion: What university were you working at prior ?

Brown: Prior to coming to Lincoln, I worked for the Baltimore public school system for about six months. Prior to that I worked at Morgan State in the office of community service as a program coordinator for a program called College Discovery, where we helped students find the perfect institution that fits them. 

The Clarion: What led to your interest in becoming royal court Advisor?

Brown: It’s funny cause during undergrad I never was in Royal Court. I was on the Campus Activity Board as treasure, but I was informed that if I ran for Mr. Lincoln -whether I won or loss – I forfeited my right to become CAB chair, so I opted out of running for Mr. Lincoln. However, that same year, I was introduced to the Mr. HBCU Kings competition, so I started that as a freshman and in 2015 I became the the first undergraduate student to direct the Mr. HBCU pageant and the only person in history so far and that brought my interest to the Royal Court.

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Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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