Shanthamoi’s Next Take with Rusheda Blake

Rusheda Blake

By Shanthamoi R. Brown/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – Rusheda Blake has moved on from her success with Blue Tiger track-and-field. But she leaves a legacy in her wake and high hopes for the future. The Clarion News recently sat down with Blake to discover her new path after completing her undergraduate degree. 

The Clarion: Why did you choose Lincoln University? 

Blake: If I am honest, Lincoln University choose me. I am grateful to be here because it has been a life-changing experience, so I am just going with the flow. 

The Clarion: What’s your major? 

Blake: I was studying health and wellness in undergrad; I received my bachelors in wellness kinesiology in May 2021 and I am currently doing my MBA in management. 

The Clarion: How was your time at Lincoln University being a student-athlete? 

Blake: Being a student-athlete here has been a tremendous experience. I did not come here as a star athlete but, I put my mind to whatever I was doing and try to do it do the best of my ability. I came here in 2018 and I made my first nationals the same year and I continued making the nationals team until I graduated. 

The Clarion: Why did you choose track and field? 

Blake: I think track and field choose me. The reason being it is something that runs in my family – my grandmother, mother, uncle, and cousins also did track and field. So, athletics has been a part of me and my family line. 

The Clarion: Was triple jump your favorite event? 

Blake: Yes. 

The Clarion: What’s your hometown? 

Blake: Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

The Clarion: What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Blake: I like to read, listen to music, and go to the gym.  

The Clarion: If you were not doing track and field, what other sport do you see yourself doing? 

Blake: I saw myself doing basketball or netball, because I was doing both sports since I was in primary school. 

The Clarion: What is your goal for the next five years? 

Blake: For the next five years my aim is to complete grad school, finish with high honors, and branch off starting my own business in massage therapy or continue my studies in physical therapy.   

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Rusheda Blake (courtesy LU Athletics)

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