First end of a track back-to-back

DauJaughn Murray before his 400m race. (Photo by Shanthamoi Brown)

By Shanthamoi R. Brown

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Lincoln University track team participated at the Ichabod Mid-Week Challenge on Feb 10, 2022 at Washburn University. Here is a recap of the Blue Tigers’ performances at the meet.

In the men’s 60m, Jamar Treasure was the fastest on the day for the Blue Tigers clocking 6.96 seconds to place sixth overall. Rashane Bartlett 7.01 and Dervin Walker 7.04 were eighth and ninth respectively. Leonardo Stewart’s 7.24 was 16th, Shanthamoi Brown’s 7.29 was 17th and Imar Tomlinson’s 7.32 was 18th. In the female section, Monae Carey’s 7.89 was the fastest on the day. Shanette Allison 7.91 was 11th overall, Hughasia Fyffe 7.95 placed her 12th, Shantae George 7.96 was 13th overall. Annalisa Barclay 8.08 was 17th overall, Ray-Donna Lee’s 8.14 placed her 19th overall, Vivian Akunna’s 8.18 was 21st overall and Shamar-Kaye Fable 8.46 was 23rd on the day. 

Bartlett was back for the 60m hurdles where he ran 8.20 to finish third overall. Lee was 11th on the day with a time of 9.28. 

In the men’s 200m the Blue Tigers were able to record three places within the top 10. Shemar Fletcher was third on the day finishing with 21.70, Reuben Nichols 21.79 was fourth and Leondre Francis 21.87 was sixth. Treasure just missed the top 10 finishing 11th with a time of 22.00, Walker 22.21 was 14th, Troy Whyte 22.31 was 16th and Brown 22.32 was 17th on the day. 

In the female section Danneika Lyn was the only Blue Tiger to place within the top 10 finishing 10th with a time of 25.70. George’s 25.72 was 11th, Fyffe’s 25.96 was 14th, Carey 26.02 was 15th and Aliyah George’s 26.30 placed her 16th on the day.

Maria Diamond, Shevanae Thomas, and Jameaka Mannings were among the top 10 finishers in the women’s 400m. Diamond won overall with a time of 55.47, Thomas was third with 56.38, and Mannings 57.27 was sixth. In the male section, Whyte won overall with a time of 48.81, Francis was eighth with 49.92, Kevaughn Goldson’s 50.22 was ninth overall, and DauJaughn Murray was placed 11th with a time of 50.79.

In the distance, Chrissani May took part in the 800m, where she finished second with a time of 2:17.71, and in the male section, Kewani Campbell won with a time of 1:55.71. In the one mile, Kelly-Ann Beckford finished ninth with a time of 5:04.86.  

Kizan David leaped out to a jump of 7.43m to capture the men’s long jump. In the female’s triple jump, Barclay won with a jump of 11.90m, and Nehlia Mills was ninth with 10.16m.

Maria Diamond, Aaliyah George, and Shevane Thomas stretching before their 400m event. (Photo by Shanthamoi Brown)

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