Student on the Street: Gas Prices

Article and photos by JoVon Ray/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – With the price of gas breaking $4 per gallon, students are finding it increasingly painful at the pump. The Clarion asked a few students, “What do you think about the rising price of gas?” Here’s what we heard:

“I went from paying $60 to $100 and I don’t want to pay that anymore.” Kirk Myers, a junior psychology major from Waukegan, Ill.
“It’s affecting me a lot and I don’t like driving anymore.” Jerek Boclair, a senior wellness major from Indiana.
“I have to work extra hours and everyone has to ride together.” Caresa Rice, a senior wellness major from Waukegan, Ill.
“ (It’s) bad. Prices keep going higher and we’re so young and people don’t have a lot of money to spend.“ Jarret Smith, a senior business administration major from St. Louis.
“With gas prices going up my friends want gas money – especially with prices that keep rising.” Jarod Johnson, a freshman agriculture business major from Birmingham.

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1 Response to Student on the Street: Gas Prices

  1. I M Bryant says:

    Yay! I have found a way to read the Clarion again! I’m “old school” and really miss the paper. Thanks for the students comments. It’s nice to see faces that I might see around campus and interesting to hear what they think.


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