Governor issues drought alert for farmers

Will open water resources in some state parks and conservation areas

A farmer cuts hay in this drone photo taken near Hermann, Mo. July 2, 2022. (Photo by Will Sites for the Clarion News)

By Clarion News/July 22, 2022

JEFFERSON CITY – Governor Mike Parson declared a drought emergency for 53 of the state’s 114 counties during a press conference held Thursday at the Capitol. He said the dry conditions are forcing some farmers to use feed earlier than normal and/or search for available water resources.

Parson said a new drought committee would work with state and federal agencies to help ease the burdens faced by the agriculture community. High fuel and fertilizer prices have strained farm budgets and some livestock producers are already using feed that would normally be reserved for the fall.

The governor said water on 40 MDC conservation areas and 20 state parks will be available to help farmers. Interested parties should contact the MDC, Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, or their local agriculture/extension agencies for more information.

“The more proactive we are, the better we can help our farmers and citizens lessen the impact of even the most severe droughts,” said Parson at the press conference.

According to a press release, Missouri is the third largest beef producer in the U.S. and also grows a significant amount of cotton, rice, and soybeans in the southeast portion of the state.

“This is going to be an ongoing process for several months to be able to deal with this situation,” said Parson.

A farmer cuts hay in this drone photo taken near Hermann, Mo. July 2, 2022. (Photo by Will Sites for the Clarion News)

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