Student on the street

By Jordan Parker/Photos by Gracen Gaskins

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – On the first day of the fall semester, the Clarion News asked students how their semester was going. Unfortunately, the Clarion was forced onto the street because of a reported gas leak in MLK Hall. During the evacuation, we asked…

“How is your semester going?”

“It’s going pretty good. Glad to see faces, enjoying the first couple days here. I have high hopes for this semester.” Myia Bradford, a sophomore from St.Louis.

“It’s going really well. Dr. Westbrook teaches really well and I’m very supported by staff and students.” – Lindsay Marcum, a junior special education major from Wainwright, Mo.

“It’s going well. It’s going smoothly so far because it’s a gas leak.”- Tyree Stovall, a senior broadcast journalism major from Omaha.

“Exciting to see new faces even though we had a surprise today.”- Floyd Lyles-Tannan, a junior accounting major from Saint Louis.

“It’s going good besides missing my first class, but it’s still going good.”- Samaya Peterson, a junior business administration major from Saint Louis. (Photo by Jordan Parker)

About The Clarion News

Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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