Student Spotlight: Jovanna Gustave

Jovanna Gustave is a new transfer students from Barbados. (Photo supplied by Jovanna Gustave)

By Shanthamoi Brown/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – This year the Clarion News will be spotlighting students new to campus and community. This week, we decided to speak with a new transfer student-athlete.

CLARION: What is your name?

GUSTAVE: My name is Jovanna Gustave.

CLARION: Where are you from?

GUSTAVE: I am from Barbados.

CLARION: Are you originally from the island of Barbados?

GUSTAVE: No, I was born in Guyana, but I grew up in Barbados since I was two years old.

CLARION: Why choose to represent Barbados and not Guyana?

GUSTAVE: Because I grew up there all my life. I went to school there, from primary school to secondary school, and then I came here to America, so I decided to represent Barbados.

CLARION: What is your classification?

GUSTAVE: I am a transferring sophomore.

CLARION: Where are you transferring from?

GUSTAVE: Wayland Baptist (Texas)

CLARION: What are you majoring in?

GUSTAVE: Sports Management.

CLARION: Why did you choose Lincoln University?

GUSTAVE: For track for sure, because Lincoln has a very good track program, so that is why I came here.

CLARION: How are classes going so far?

GUSTAVE: It is fun. Lincoln is different from all the other schools I have went to before. So far, all my classes been chill, nothing hard, and is been good.

CLARION: Do you do any sports here?

GUSTAVE: Yes, I do track and field.

CLARION: What events do you participate in?

GUSTAVE: The 100m and 200m.

CLARION: Do you prefer any over the other?

GUSTAVE: Yes, I prefer the 100m, because I want to hurry and get it over with.

CLARION: What are your plans for the rest of the semester?

GUSTAVE: To focus on passing all my classes with A’s and B’s and to remain focused all the way.

About The Clarion News

Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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