Senior spotlight: Jameaka Mannings

Jameaka Mannings (Photo by Tea Creates)

By Shanthamoi Brown/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – Blue Tiger track and field is loaded with talent in sport and academics. The Clarion News recently visited with one of LU’s senior athletes, Jameaka Mannings.

Clarion: Where are you from, Jameaka?

Mannings: I am from West Prospect, Jamaica.

Clarion: What is your classification?

Mannings: I am a senior, graduating next spring.

Clarion: What high school did you attend?

Mannings: I attended St. Jago High School, but I transferred from Bog Walk High School.

Clarion: What is your major?

Mannings: Biology.

Clarion: Why biology?

Mannings: I love biology because it is interesting, and I am intrigued by science and its many revolutionary findings and hypotheses that seek to explain the wonders of the world and nature.

Clarion: Why did you choose Lincoln University?

Mannings: I did not choose Lincoln, Lincoln chose me.

Clarion: How is your semester going?

Mannings: Given that it is early in the semester, I am still adjusting to my new courses. But there is something to learn from class to class, not only academically, but also the different personalities of the instructors and their teaching style.

Clarion: Do you do any sports here?

Mannings: Yes, I do track and field.

Clarion: What events do you participate in?

Mannings: 400m and 400m hurdles.

Clarion: Do you prefer any over the other?

Mannings: I do not have a preference because both take the same amount of mental strength. But I feel like I am better at the 400m hurdles, but my technique is not a 100 percent. So, I feel more comfortable running the 400m.

Clarion: What are your plans for the rest of the semester?

Mannings: To focus on my daily tasks and complete them, so that I can achieve the main goal, which is A’s in all my classes.

Clarion: What are you plans for the next five years?

Mannings: To complete undergrad course or degree and further my education by attending graduate school, followed by medical school.

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Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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