Student On the Street: Who’s Your Favorite Professor and Why?

By Amya Milligan/ Photos By Grace Gaskins

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- Each week Clarion News reporters go around campus asking students the question of the week. This week reporter duo Amya Milligan and Grace Gaskins asked students:

Who is your favorite professor at LU and why?

“Dr. Amber Bell because she cares for her students and wants us to succeed.” – Andronae Johnson, a junior from East Saint Louis, majoring in social work.
“My favorite professor at Lincoln is Mr. Sites because he goes above and beyond for his students, is patient with us and is always looking for opportunities to get us to the next level.”- Darianna McGee, a graduating senior from Omaha, majoring in journalism.
“Dr. Larry Newby because he taught a lot of valuable lessons and helped me get my dream job.”- Chyann “Spookii” Taylor, a graduating senior from Collinsville, IL, majoring in Psychology.
“Dr. Michelle Gambling Green, she is the choir director. She really cares for her students, she goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of.”- Amari Anderson, a graduating senior from Chicago, majoring in accounting.
“Dr. Kirk Deboard because he makes the psychology major fun, and also when it comes to lessons and lesson plans, he is very interactive and caring with his students. He also comes from a very diverse background.” -Donielle Coach, a graduating senior from St. Louis, majoring in psychology with an emphasis in education.

About The Clarion News

Campus and community news produced by journalism students at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.
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