LU student publishes comic book

By Inkera Muwwakkil

Kaden Quinn holds a copy of “Hurdles,” his recently published comic book. (Photo by Cameron Gerber, Aug. 21, 2019)

I recently talked with Kaden Quinn who just published his own comic book named “Hurdles.” Quinn, from Jefferson City, is a junior majoring in journalism. Below he tells us about the new book.

Clarion: Who’s the main character in this comic?

Quinn: Jumper is the main character and his secret identity is Greg Clapton.

Clarion: What is the comic book about?

Quinn: “It’s about a superhero who’s struggling to find a regular job; his character is a parody.”

Clarion: Have you made any other comics outside of the one published here, and will there be more?

Quinn: I actually made dozens as a kid (and) just recently in June I published some artwork. The real hope is to send my work to major comic companies to really be able to make them independently. 

Clarion: Did you get any help with your comic book, like with the illustrations?

Quinn: Actually yes. I found some people through Facebook that helped bring it to life.

Clarion: What inspired you to create hurdles?

Quinn: A lot of it was just my discontent with how other characters where treated.

Clarion: When did you get interested in comics?

Quinn: Since I was young. I actually got my first comic as a gift in my Easter basket when I was 3.

Clarion: Is there a website for your comic and how can people buy it?

Quinn: It’s on Kickstarter right now but I am hoping to find a new domain. It’s also in the Antiquarium in downtown Jefferson City.

Clarion: What was your inspiration to write the comic book?

Quinn: I had the idea my senior year in high school, but I didn’t have the money until I got to college. It took me a total of two years to finish and publish the comic book.

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