Clarion Spotlight: Braxton Bailey

Braxton Bailey

By Jermarcus Perkins/For The Clarion

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY- The campus has experienced major changes since the pandemic began. From fall sports to homecoming, the university has canceled traditions students have grown accustomed to. For input on how athletes are adjusting to these changes, I recently spoke with LU football player Braxton Bailey, a freshman sports management major from Fort Worth, Texas

The Clarion: What high school did you play for?
Bailey: Cleburne High School

The Clarion: What were your expectations for the team and staff when you first arrived on campus?
Bailey: I wasn’t expecting to start. I was just expecting to help my team in any way I can.

The Clarion: What position do you play for?
Bailey: Linebacker (Backup: second/third string)

The Clarion: How is the pandemic affecting you as an athlete and student?
Bailey: There are more positives than negatives. The negative for me is wearing the mask. A positive is that we get more time to workout. During practice, we don’t have to wear a mask because we have on our helmets. We only wear masks in the weight room.

The Clarion: Who has motivated you the most on the team? And why?
Bailey: Our head coach, Hoskins because we are turning the program around. I want to be a part of that and help.

The Clarion: What is your major? Why did you choose it?
Bailey: Sports management because I want to coach after I graduate.

The Clarion: How do you feel about playing in the spring and not in the fall? Why do you feel this way?
Bailey: I wasn’t feeling frustrated because I knew I needed time to get better.

The Clarion: Why are you playing football?
Bailey: I am playing because I like the competition and you can create bonds that’ll last forever. I am competitive, that’s another reason why I am playing.

The Clarion: What has the pandemic taught you about life?
Bailey: Time is really important, like what you do with it.

(Jermarcus Perkins is a Wellness major at LU)

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