Student-on-the-street: Women’s History Month

By Jordan Parker and Mark Oliver II/Clarion News

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – Women’s History Month is during the month of March, one of the busiest times of the year on the LU campus. We decided to let a few students reflect on the history of women and/or the women in their life. We asked: “When you think of women’s history, who do you think of?” 

“During Women’s History MonthI think about my mother and any other ladies who have had an impact on my life because I don’t think I would have survived without them.” – Devyn Sigars, a senior broadcast journalism major from Kansas City, Missouri.
“Women’s History Month makes me think of my mother and Rosa Parks. She is my role model since she is a strong, independent woman. She stepped up and took care of me when my father wasn’t around.”- Marc Hill, a freshman agriculture major from Belleville, Illinois.
Women battling for women’s rights comes to mind when I think of women’s month and I had a close buddy keep an eye on me while I was going through a difficult time. -Travis Barrett , a junior biology major from Jefferson City.
“I consider myself. As a young woman, when I thought of myself, I set a lot of standards and restrictions for myself. I’m happy for everyone who helped me and led the way.” – Lonnie Williams is a freshman sociology major from St. Louis.
“When it comes to Women’s History Month, I think mostly of the ladies I look up to, including my mother, aunt, grandmother, sisters, and many others.” – Cory Macon, A sophomore from Kansas City, Kansas.

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