Springfest returns to LU campus

Springfest 2021

By Kaden Quinn

As the school year comes to a close, Lincoln University is hosting the annual Springfest event to celebrate their students one last time before the school year ends.

Throughout the year, students are able to celebrate their time at Lincoln through events such as Homecoming and Springfest. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the school was unable to host the 2020 Springfest.

“Springfest is our big spring event that we do for the week to bring in lots of different events for the students,” Director of PR and Marketing Kenda Graves said. “It usually involves a concert, but obviously with COVID going on, we can’t do that right now. We’re just putting together a lot of fun big events for last hurrah before we get out of school.”

The events planned for Springfest include: a silent DJ battle, a skate night, a spelling bee, and a “Wipeout” obstacle course. There will be many other games and activities occurring April 18-April 23.

An annual event that has been occurring on campus for the past 20 years, Lincoln would like to bring back a sense of normalcy for students as the coronavirus continues to recede. However, while the school usually hosts musical performances for Springfest, they will be only focusing on what students will be able to do on campus in the event of COVID-19 outbreaks.

“I wouldn’t say COVID has been a problem,” Graves said. “It’s more only of adjustment to abide by the guidelines and limitations that we need. We might not have everything but we are making sure that we’re still good to hold the event.”

Outside vendors will be working with administration to guarantee that their COVID-19 policies while match up with the university’s. LU will be going to great lengths to ensure that their students are able to have fun while also staying safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to make sure that student safety is the number one priority,” Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Greek Affairs Octoria Ridenhour said. “It has been a little challenging on my side but I had to put that on the vendors as well going forward.”

Graves and Ridenhour continued, explaining that she would like students to know that this is their big event before it is time for the university to wrap up the school year. Administration wants the LU community to know that Springfest is for students to have fun and celebrate their time together.

“I just want for everyone to understand that Springfest is for students,” Ridenhour said. “We always welcome alumni and different people back onto campus for different events but for Springfest, we like to consider this our students only celebration as their end of the year wrap up. This is for them to spend time with each other on their campus.”

“I’m ready for students to show that, yes, they are responsible,” Ridenhour said. “They can still come together even during COVID. We are still going to be making sure that masks are required at every event, we will be social distancing where we can, and we’re going to be sanitizing in between activities. We’re just covering everything and I’m ready for it to be successful.”

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